Dell Gaming | CES 2019


Made with FITCH New York team and 3D Exhibits


For the CES 2019, Dell asked FITCH to create their stand experience. Two main zones were to design, one about Dell Cinema and one about Dell Gaming. I was called to work on the digital aspect of the experience but finally worked on the spatial aspect of the Dell Gaming area.


During one week in October 2018


Brainstorm / sketches / SketchUp / Pinterest


Dell asked 3D Exhibits to build the space for their stand at the CES. They were in charge of doing renders and blueprints to build the space.
FITCH New York was asked to design the experience of the stand. They were guiding 3D Exhibits.
FITCH and 3D exhibits were then working closely to define the overall spatial experience of Dell at CES

When I joined FITCH New York in October, many back and forth between the two teams had already occurred to define the space and experience of the 2 mains zones: Dell Gaming and Dell cinema.
Unfortunately, no clear direction on the experience was defined yet for me to think about digital ideas.
So I had to help on defining the core experience of the different areas. During my week in New York’s office, I mostly worked on the Dell Gaming zone.

Things that had to be shown were:
- The new Alienware Area 51 laptop and its modularity
- The new Alienware 55 inch screen
- Previous Alienware and Dell Gaming machines
- An area for a potential partnership


The hard thing for FITCH NY is that this new team did not have any 3D designer at the time, so it was difficult to express ideas to the 3D Exhibits team. I had to help on the spatial design.

With Tyler, we reviewed an internal document from Dell with the characteristics of the new Alienware machines and products.
We took inspiration from those to re-use the honeycomb structure, the rounded shape with light, and the black and white reflective colors and materials of the machines.

New Alienware Area 51 laptop and its physical elements: the honeycomb, the rounded red light, black and white reflective materials

The new Alienware Area 51 is a revolution for its modularity

As Alienware is all about the future of gaming, taking inspiration of spaceship, we simply did the same. We collected inspiration images on Pinterest relating to the shapes and materials of the new machine.

Pinterest board collected with Tyler

From this first mood board, I started to sketch by defining the different zones and some key views of the space. 

Main areas were the exploration zone of the main new products, a gaming zone with live demo, the previous G series

Perspective of the space with some initial furnitures and elements

From the renders we got from 3D Exhibits, I did a quick SketchUp document to represent roughly our ideas, as I did not have any blueprints or plans.

Immersive entrance in the Gaming area through a spaceship door with a luminous canopy

Spaceship window made with new Dell 55" screens. Lighted round stroke around the screens inspired by the Alienware Area-51

Exploration bar, shapes inpired by the Alienware Area-51. A deconstructed laptop to show the modularity of the machine

Zone for the previous G-series machines 

We presented the sketches to the 3D Exhibits team who understood all of our ideas. As a good starting point, they asked for the SketchUp file, and came up with some more proper 3D renders.

Entrance in the Gaming area through the spaceship door. Render by 3D Exhibits

The spaceship window made with new Dell 55" screens and red lighting. Exploration bar taken from my Sketchup. Render by 3D Exhibits

Entrance canopy and zone for the previous G-series machines. Render by 3D Exhibits

I left FITCH New York’s office letting the rest of the team carrying on the development of the project.


During CES 2019, Dell Gaming revealed their new Alienware Area-51 in this gorgeous set up, faithful reproduction of the initial concept I came up with.