Who ?

Personal project, but helped by my father to build the headphone.

What ?

Boku No has been submitted to the "Dare To Dream Design Awards" organized by DesignBoom and Melco Crown. The competition looks to preserve and promote the understanding of the history and beauty of the traditional japanese kimono, while reviving the unique culture and practices around the garment, as well as develop new possibilities and avenues of creative exploration, traditions and production techniques related to the kimono.

When ?

August - October 2014
Submitted the 8th of October


For this contest, I wondered how to give back modernity to cultural inheritance ?

By bringing together a trend with traditional technics

We can see a lot of young people with an element in common : headphone.
It has become the accessory that can't be overlooked in the eyes of youth.
Boku No, Japanese word that means « mine », is a headphone that will reunify new generation with traditional japanese clothes, advocating personalization which the youth seek.


Inspired by slender and straight shapes of kimonos, the earpieces have a sound proper to different type of wood. They are designed to perfectly fit with the shape of the ears
Made with aluminium, the hoop joins the two parts for a sustainable solidity, revealing elegantly an union with wood.
Cushions of the earpieces and the hoop are wraped with lamb's leather for an optimum confort.


The audio cable is made from a traditional Japanese technic of weaving : kumihimo.


The hoop can be customised with bands that go back over patterns and fabric of kimonos. You can even paint your proper pattern !
We can also wear it as bracelets and change all this elements to match with clothes and kimonos we are wearing.



Boku No has been one of the hundred projects selected among 1953 participants to be showcased at the Tokyo Designer Week 2014.



I am going forward in this project by building a version 2 of Boku No, with bigger speakers (more bass) and earpieces of different kind of wood.
I also work with suppliers to get to a little production of heaphones.

Let's see where it will go...