Systems Thinking & Circular Design


Partnership with ESCP and 6 of their students, Hanna Berthaut, Niharika Shetty


A fictional project for ESCP Europe business school students to work on a branded circular design solution for Dell Technologies.


September - November 2022


Systems thinking / Systemic design / Teaching / Service design


Every year, Landor & Fitch are engaged in a consulting project with ESCP Europe business school and its students from the Masters in Marketing & Creativity (MMK). Landor & Fitch assigns a brief and provides guidance throughout the course of the 2-month long project. With the aim of testing Systemic Design approach, we developed a brief that would require the use of systems thinking to ideate innovative circular solutions and provided the students with the relevant tools and guidance from an expert in the field.

Given the current rate of progress in the field of sustainability and circular businesses, we thought it would be fitting to have the students work on brand-led circular solutions. We focused the brief on the electronic sector as it is an essential part of our everyday life and is currently responsible for one of the worlds biggest waste streams. Dell Technologies offered the perfect “client” for the creation of an innovative brand-led circular solution owing to its current positioning and business vision.

You can read the case study in this PDF document, introducing systems thinking compared to design thinking, explaining how systems thinking is mandatory for circular solutions, and illustrating the point with the work from the ESCP students.

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