Antoine de Maleprade did the entire coding part.


Draw together my three passions: spatial design, interaction design and music.


Arduino / Processing / LED / Welder


The interaction consists on create a dialogue between my electric violin and the space. To do it, I have to play the violin so that the LEDs light up according to the frequencies and the amplitude I play. It produces a symphony of sounds and colours in the height and depth of the corridor.


An interation methodology. First, I thought the project as a space lighting only with the amplitude of what I would play. With Antoine who has a strong background on programming and electronic, we did some tests and prototype to reach this goal.

It was quickly done by Antoine, so I thought that we could do more : light up the LEDs depending on the frequencies, more precisely depending on the string I play. Antoine found the solution by using an Arduino Mega that could analyze the frequencies through a program running the FFT.
He was based in Paris and I was based in Nantes so we had to work remotely :
Antoine programmed and I tested his code. At the same time, I made some test for the lightning installation in the corridor.

"Around the world"  (Daft Punk) played on violin and analysed by the arduino. Vizualisation on Processing.

The program was almost ready. I had to weld 59 LEDs : 
2x4 LEDs for each of the 5 strings, plus 9 LEDs for the beats.


When the program and the electronic were finished, I installed it in the corridor of my school and did a perfomance.